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Avocado Nutritional Information about Healthy and Skin Care

Some folks, in their tries to be health-conscious, avoid avocados attributable to the comparatively high fat and calorie content of those fruits (138 calories and fourteen.1g fat in a medium-sized avocado). nonetheless avocados square measure one in every of the simplest foods you'll be able to eat, full of nutrients and wholesome compounds. Here square measure 5 nice reasons to eat them frequently.

Ø  They conjointly contain the connected carotenoids carotenoid, alpha-carotene and carotenoid, further as vitamin E (vitamin E). But avocados aren’t simply an upscale supply of carotenoids by themselves—they conjointly assist you get a lot of of those nutrients from alternative foods. Carotenoids area unit oleophilic (soluble in fat, not water), therefore uptake carotenoid-packed foods like fruits and vegetables along side monounsaturated-fat-rich avocados helps your body absorb the carotenoids. a simple thanks to try this is to feature sliced avocado to a mixed dish.
Ø  Half AN avocado contains three.4 grams of fiber, as well as soluble and insoluble, each of that your body must keep the system running swimmingly. Plus, soluble fibre slows the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body, serving to you are feeling full for extended. Avocados conjointly contain monounsaturated fatty acid, a fat that activates the a part of your brain that produces you are feeling full. Healthier unsaturated fats containing monounsaturated fatty acid are shown to supply a larger feeling of satiation than less-healthy saturated fats and trans fats found in processed foods
Ø  This is protect your unborn baby and your hear.One cup of avocado provides virtually 1 / 4 of your counseled daily intake of B vitamin, a aliment that cuts the danger of birth defects. If you’re pregnant—or attending to be—avocados can facilitate defend your unhatched baby.A high B vitamin intake is additionally related to a lower risk of heart attacks and cardiopathy. will your family have a history of heart issues, or does one have risk factors (such as being overweight or smoking) for heart disease? Avocados might facilitate keep your heart healthy.
Ø  Avocados will facilitate lower your cholesterol.As well as increasing feelings of fullness, the monounsaturated fatty acid in avocados will facilitate scale back cholesterol levels. In one study, people intake associate avocado-rich diet had a big decrease in total cholesterol levels, as well as a decrease in cholesterol. Their levels of cholesterol (the healthy type) enlarged by St Martin's Day.
Ø  High cholesterol is one among the most risk factors for cardiopathy. The cholesterol-lowering properties of avocado, at the side of its pteroylmonoglutamic acid content, facilitate keep your heart healthy.
Ø  Get Nice taste of Avocados… The last reason is simple avocados square measure a healthy thanks to boost the flavor and texture of your meals. Toss shredded avocado on a dish or bowl of soup, serve dip as A course or flavoring, or attempt one in every of these healthy avocado recipes to urge additional healthy avocado into your diet. And I am sharing of this information using an Avocado for your skin is an excellent idea. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and even Vitamin C all in one to help your skin!


           1/2 peeled avocado
           Couple tablespoons of honey
           1 tablespoon of sugar
           Lemon juice if you have oily skin


1 Get your ingredients along.
2. Confirm to rinse your face with heat water initial, to open pores in your skin.
3. begin mashing the avocado and combination it with the 2 ingredients listed higher than.
4. Apply gently to your skin by swimmingly rubbing it into your skin (not too hard) till your face and slightly of your neck it lined. Leave on for fifteen min for a decent facial mask.
5. Rinse gently, and pat with a towel. Currently simply scrutinize that glowing face!


• Make positive you're not allergic to avocados, lemons, or any of the listed ingredients before you start!
• If you sub the sugar too arduous on your skin, it will injury your skin cells, departure your skin terribly skinny 
• try to not catch on in your eye, if it does, then rinse well with water

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